Widows Well – Statistics

Some Statistics About Widowhood

As a widow you are not alone but part of a large sisterhood of women.

  • Every year more than 700,000 women find themselves widowed in the United States.
  • When a woman is widowed, on average, she loses 75% of her support base.
  • The average widow will be on her own for fourteen years.
  • The poverty rate for widows is much higher than for married women. In fact, 13.4% of widows at age 65 who received Social Security Survivor’s Benefits were below the poverty line in 2008.*
  • By age the age of 65, 45% of women widowed.
  • Life insurance can help provide for widow’s needs. Only about 62% of couples have life insurance.
  • Financial management is important for everyone. About 70% of couples with children have trouble paying their bills now.