Widows Well - Net Worth Calculator

  1. If you own a home, find the estimated value of your home and enter it the personal items‐home assets column. Value can be researched on Zillow.comTrulia.com, or a real estate agent can help determine this.
  2. Look up the estimated value of your autos on Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds.com. Enter the value in the vehicle column.
  3. Determine a value of any antique home furnishings and enter it in the furnishings column. The remaining of furnishings should be valued at garage sale prices.
  4. If you have any other valuable personal items, enter the values in the miscellaneous section of the asset columns.
  5. In the cash or cash equivalent section, enter the value of each type of account on the appropriate line.
  6. In the investment section, enter the value of: retirement accounts, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, stock, IRA’s, and other real estate owned on each appropriate line.
  7. The assets will total on the bottom line.
  8. The liabilities section is where you enter all your debts, which is everything you owe. Some are due monthly and some are due annually.
  9. If applicable, enter your monthly mortgage payment and the loan balance on the first line.
  10. If you have a home equity loan, enter the payment amount and loan balance on the next line.
  11. Enter car payments and loan balances.
  12. Continue entering each monthly payment and loan balance in the loan section.
  13. Enter other outstanding debts, including payment amount and balance of each credit card.
  14. The total liabilities will be reflected on the last line.
  15. Net worth is the total of the assets minus your liabilities and is reflected as your Estimated Net Worth box on the top right of the form.
  16. Congratulations, you now know your net worth!

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