Widows Well - The Journey

Losing a beloved spouse is something 45% of women face by the time they reach 65. The loss is often intensified by the many decisions to be made which seem overwhelming in the midst of mourning. Having a trusted family member or close friend to walk this path with you is extremely helpful when you can’t think clearly or when emotions over take you. Not only are there the immediate decisions regarding the funeral, but also the decisions regarding the estate and your future. Looking at your financial situation is necessary for survival today and for years to come.

Gathering and organizing important documents will be necessary to apply for benefits you’re entitled to receive from your husbands estate and to plan for your future. Not everything has to be dealt with immediately. In fact, it’s important to take about a year to make major financial decisions.

Here are three Path Markers to help track your progress in working through all the paperwork involved. Taking one step at a time will make the process smoother and take away some of the confusion of dealing with different agencies and financial issues. As you progress along the way, you will develop confidence and learn to your finances. Click a Path Marker below to begin your journey.

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Your First Step

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