Widows Well - Along The Way

Within the Six Months

Keep up with the necessary paperwork that your spouse may have dealt with before.

Financial Housekeeping

  • Update beneficiaries on your own insurance policies

  • Change joint billings into your own name

  • Look for all possible benefits you are entitled to military, credit life insurance, survivor’s benefits

  • Change title of ownership on home, vehicles

  • Get free credit reports for yourself and husband

  • Ask your attorney if you need to set up a bank account in the estate’s name

  • Pay estate bills as they come due from estate account, if applicable

  • Review all insurance policies to make sure you are covered sufficiently, especially health insurance

  • Review checking account for automatic debits

  • Obtain appraisals, if needed, for estate tax return


Taxes due? Be aware of income tax dates for final tax return. File for an extension if needed.

Helpful Hint

Keep a joint checking account open for at least a year to deposit any checks in your husband’s name.

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